Sepp Blatter

Sue Lewis discusses the chart of this man in the news. Blatter has ‘resigned’ since this post was written.
[Reposted due to disappearance of the 3rd June original.]

sue l BlatterSepp Blatter, aged 79, President of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) since 1998, re-elected in 2002, 2007, 2011 and on 29 May 2015, has asserted that he is man to lead FIFA through the bribery scandals that embroil it while also asserting that he, the captain at the helm for the last 17 years has, quite improbably, kept his hands squeaky clean. Leaving fraud investigators, lawyers and juries to make decisions regarding guilt or innocence, as an astrological psychologist I am fascinated by the character of the man who assumes his right to lead the organization without taking responsibility for misusing vast amounts of money generated by the beautiful game of football, and who is one hundred per cent confident that he will get back into power. Over the past few days news coverage has shown him rubbing his hands with glee as he defies his critics and retains his sovereignty.

sue l Blatter natalThanks to Astrodienst, we have his astrological data, Rodden Rated A from memory, and it gives us a some fascainating insights into the sort of person he is.

Sepp Blatter was born on 10 March 1936, at 16:10 in the afternoon, at Visp in Switzerland. Whereas it is unsurprising to find ambitious and self-presenting Leo on the Ascendant, the presence of Sun and Saturn in Pisces in the 7th house of partnership opens up another dimension, as does the extremely green nature of his chart, indicative of a very high level of sensitivity.

The chart image reminds me of an intricate bottle opener, one of those at the top end of the market that brags a few refinements to enhance its smooth performance while hiding its weaknesses beneath a glossy veneer. Sun in Pisces is stressed on the cusp of the 8th house, Moon in Libra in the 2nd house of self-worth is stressed on the cusp of the 3rd house, and Pluto in Cancer in the 11th house is stressed on the cusp of the 12th, all of which might suggest that Blatter is a workaholic who wholly identifies with the institution he has put great effort into expanding and, in making it his own he has generated a great deal of loyalty from those he has drawn into the organization and rewarded for their support.

The Projection Triangle or Yod composed of Mercury angular on the Descendent in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius and quincunx Pluto in Cancer provides a fitting graphic of the skill with which this talented communicator has turned the spotlight of accusation from corruption, fraud, and bribery in his organization into a political conspiracy, to position himself in a more favourable light. The glibness and charm of Mercury is enhanced by a conjunction to Venus that draws the Projection Triangle into a 4-sided Oscillo incorporating Sun trine an immensely powerful but non-aggressive Pluto that dominates the fourth quadrant of the chart. This pattern suggests that Blatter is a man of vision, who is accustomed to steer through projects with skilful diplomacy, making newcomers feel important and confident in his leadership, at least until recent events. The Oscillo is a configuration in the charts of people who are extraordinarily sensitive to vibes from people, places, and situations, so Blatter is a man who can sense a mood and respond to it.

As we all know, over the past few years, Pluto’s entry into Capricorn and the ongoing squares between Pluto and Uranus in Aries have brought to the surface many iniquities that were previously swept under the carpet and kept out of view. An interesting feature of Blatter’s chart is unaspected Uranus in Taurus in the 9th house. Does this autonomous energy have something to do with the creative overseas money management about which he apparently knows nothing?

Through the conjunction between Sun and Saturn, the Oscillo is linked to another significant 4-sided aspect pattern, the Irritation or Stimulus Rectangle. The internal stresses of this figure, Saturn opposition Neptune and Moon opposition Mars, are camouflaged by a forest of sensitive green shoots on all sides. Whereas the green semi-sextiles and quincunxes tend to raise awareness, bound into a fixed and regular rectangular shape they lose their flexibility, and here we find the fanatic, who stands by decisions he has taken, presenting his verbal defence, and refusing to bow to external pressure. So, no amount of reasoning by the President of UEFA, who indicated that Blatter had been a friend many of whose qualities he admired, would persuade such a stubborn man to stand down.

In putting together these thoughts, I took a look at Blatter’s Age Progression chart and the feature that stood out was a square from the Nodal Age Point to Blatter’s unaspected Uranus. Uranus is in the same house in the Natal and Nodal charts, and the implications must surely be that unfinished business from the past is catching up with him.

The Transit Chart is also of some interest. On 29 May 2015, the date of the election, transiting Jupiter in Leo was smiling on him, making a little Eye and Ear with Moon and Neptune across the Ascendant to give a boost to his confidence, while transiting Pluto making a trine to Neptune gave him a sense of empowerment. However the transits of Neptune through Pisces, moving towards his natal Saturn opposition Neptune, and of Uranus through Aries towards Taurus suggest that events might not go quite as swimmingly as he would have us believe. There are likely to be many twists and turns to this saga.