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All of the books on astrological psychology in the English language are detailed on the books page, which cross references detailed information on each publication and identifies which are also available as Amazon ebooks.

Charts and Software

You can generate charts and data using your own software program or web services. See Software.

Study Resources

A set of study resources is available to assist students learning astrological psychology using the book Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method.

News, Articles and Blogs

The astpsy Twitter stream give immediate news, and the latest tweets are on the right hand side of most pages on this website.

The astrological psychology blog on this website is open to all members to provide features, news and information, and provides the capability of comment and discussion on individual posts.

Joyce Hopewell Astrological Psychology is another blog devoted to astrological psychology, with many useful back resources and occasional reflections on astrological psychology, charts and events.

APA Publications

APA Publications  were originally produced for APA Members only, but are now freely available.


The APA magazine Conjunction was published throughout the lifetime of APA. It contains a treasury of articles on the subject of astrological psychology.

Video, Audio

See link.