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All of the books on astrological psychology in the English language are detailed on the books page, which cross references detailed information on each publication and identifies which are also available as Amazon ebooks.

APA Bookshop

Most of the above books are available from the APA Bookshop, which gives a discount to APA members. Alternatively, they are also available from booksellers.

Ebook Store

Selected APA publications are offered in the Ebook Store for purchase and download as ‘pdf’ files.

Charts and Software

You can generate charts and data using your own software program or web services. See Software.

Study Resources

A set of study resources is available to assist students learning astrological psychology using the book Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method.

News, Articles and Blogs

The astpsy Twitter stream give immediate news, and the latest tweets are on the right hand side of most pages on this website.

The APA blog on this website is open to all members to provide features, news and information, and provides the capability of comment and discussion on individual posts.

Joyce Hopewell Astrological Psychology is another blog devoted to astrological psychology, with many useful back resources and occasional reflections on astrological psychology, charts and events.

A large selection of articles and book reviews from current and back issues of our newsletter/magazine Conjunction is available to members in the Members’ Area.


Astpsy channel

See our astpsy channel on YouTube. The content includes:

API UK the first 25 years

A series of six videos which together comprise a film presented at the 2008 APA conference (minus the accompanying music), remembering the first 25 years of the English Huber School/API UK/APA.

  1. the origins of astrological psychology
  2. establishment of English Huber School/API UK
  3. the first ten years
  4. the Beacon Centre years
  5. the Buckland Hall years
  6. the evolution of API UK
Richard’s reflections

Reflections on aspects of astrological psychology by APA co-founder Richard Llewellyn, including:

  1. Why study astrological psychology?
  2. What first drew you to astrological psychology?
  3. Psychosynthesis and astrology.
  4. Astrological psychology in wider context.
Bruno Huber recordings

Brief extracts from some of Bruno’s seminar talks, including:

  1. Call to arms
  2. Astrological psychology and other disciplines
  3. Basis in esotericism
  4. Astrological psychology is new

Joyce Hopewell on YouTube

Joyce Hopewell Visit Joyce’s AstroChat Channel and hear what she’s saying about different aspects of astrological psychology.

There are 30+ short videos, including Joyce’s take on Zodiac Signs, Houses and Planets.

In particular, see Joyce’s introduction to astrological psychology at Joyceintro




Recordings of Conference Talks

The Astrological Association offers recordings of conference talks going back many years. These include talks by Bruno & Louise Huber, Richard Llewellyn, Joyce Hopewell, Ghislaine Adams, Sue Lewis and other Diploma Holders.

Recordings of Joyce Hopewell’s talks from the Australian Astrological Association Conference 2000 can be found in the Members’ Area.

In the archives we also have recordings of several complete seminars, which could be made available to serious researchers. These include:

  1. Astrology and the Seven Rays, given by Bruno & Louise Huber in 1998
  2. Transformation, given by Louise & Michael Huber in 2003.





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