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Available books

Huber biography

Piercing the Eggshell: The Hubers and their Astrological Psychology
First edition, November 2020, with colour illustrations. Edited by Barry & Joyce Hopewell.
190pp, 2020, £17.00. See also special member price in Members’ Area.

Introductory/overview books by Joyce Hopewell

The Cosmic Egg Timer: Introducing Astrological Psychology
Third edition, with colour illustrations
(with Richard Llewellyn), 162pp, 2018, £14.00. See also special member price in Members’ Area.

The Living Birth Chart
Second edition, with colour illustrations
194pp, 2019, £16.00. See also special member price in Members’ Area.

Using Age Progression: Understanding Life’s Journey
150pp, 2013, £14.00

Aspect Patterns in Colour
100pp, 2010, £14.00

Books by Bruno & Louise Huber

Aspect Pattern Astrology: New Holistic Horoscope Interpretation Method
368pp, 2005, £18.00. See also special member price in Members’ Area.

Astrological Psychosynthesis: Astrology as a Pathway to Growth
240pp, 2006, £15.00

Astrology and the Seven Rays
216pp, 2007, £14.00

LifeClock: The Huber Method of Timing in the Horoscope
332pp, 2006,£17.00

Moon Node Astrology: The Inner Compass of Evolution
256pp, 2005, £15.00

The Astrological Houses: A Psychological View of Ourselves and Our World
130pp, 2011, £10.00

The Planets and their Psychological Meaning: Capabilities and Tools of the Personality
328pp, 2005, £18.00

Transformation: Astrology as a Spiritual Path
228pp, 2008, £15.00

A Course in the Huber Method

Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method
A4 size, Editor Barry Hopewell, 298pp, 2017, £50.00

Books by Various Authors

Astrolog II: Family, Relationships & Health
316pp, 2009, £15.00

Astrological Psychology, Western Esotericism, and the Transpersonal
by Sue Lewis, 212pp, 2015, £18.00

Dreams and Astrological Psychology: The Way through the Maze of the Unconscious
by John D. Grove, 128pp, 2014, £10.00

Life Passages: When Age Point Aspects and Dreams Coincide
by John D. Grove, 118pp, 2017, £14.00

Sale: Stock Clearance

The following are at half price:

Astrolog I: Life and Meaning
by various authors, 328pp, 2007, £8.00

Kabbalah: The Tree of Life
by Will Parfitt, 2010, 41pp, £7.00

We also have small stocks at a clearance price of £5.00 of the following earlier editions:

  • the original Weiser edition of The Astrological Houses. This is similar to the above 2011 version, but has some discrepancies in terminology.
  • the second edition of The Cosmic Egg Timer, with monochrome illustrations
  • the first edition of The Living Birth Chart, with monochrome illustrations.