Planetary manifestations

Post by Joyce Hopewell

How do the energies and characteristics associated with the personal planets act out in everyday life? How is this energy expressed? We can observe it in human behaviour  – that of others and in our own responses to life situations.

Let’s look at how it might show up, bearing in mind that the energies of the planets can operate at several different levels, ranging from downright low levels to more admirable and acceptable higher manifestations.


Starting with the Sun – our sense of self, which can always do with a polish up from time to time to keep it on the higher level – consider how you’re feeling about yourself today, right now. Are you reasonably centred, focussed, clear in your mind about what you’re doing? Are you willingly taking responsibility for yourself and the decisions you make?

Next check out the Moon. How are your feelings and emotions and needs? Is the small child in you acting up in any way? Can you give your feelings some attention or do you push them down, ignore them and hope they’ll go away? Is there anything you can do right now to help with this?

What about Mercury? How are your communications with yourself (like the needy Moon)? And how are your communications with others? Are they good, clear, not muddled and well-expressed, or do you avoid straight talking? Do you pore over news websites to keep up with what’s going on, or talk/WhatsApp a lot with friends? What are you reading or learning about right now?

Engaging with Venus, we can connect with the higher levels of beauty through the arts; on the lower levels we might just stuff ourselves full of food and become sluggish. Taking things up a few notches, we will be considerate to those around us, engage with our sense of taste in all areas of life, and strive for more harmony with our family and friends.

If we don’t engage with Mars, nothing will get started and nothing will be achieved. Depends how you, and every individual, make the energies of this planet manifest. Argumentative, combative, controlling, bullying behaviour come across as pretty low down on this planet’s possibilities but, directed skilfully and with awareness, it can be notched upwards and used as an impressive force to get things done, such as those small tasks we prefer to ignore and leave hanging around.

Jupiter is engaged when we step out of the ordinary and take a risk, and do something new or different, like eating a new dish, or going to a new place. We can all do something we’ve never done before, and it doesn’t have to be outrageous (although Jupiter is not known for holding back as it’s the master of grand gestures). You don’t have to try bungee jumping, just temper whatever boundary of experience you want to extend with a little common sense, which takes us on to…..

Saturn who may be regarded by some as the killjoy of the cosmic group, but is essential to keep things within safe bounds on a personal as well as a general level. How do you structure your time, your day, your life? Saturn is on call here and fulfils the need we all have for stability and security – but keep this in perspective and don’t let your saturnian tendencies hold you back. Proceed with caution and awareness and be thankful you have this capacity to keep yourself safe.

The Planets by Bruno and Louise Huber offers a lot more insight and info on these personal planets, and I recommend it as an excellent source of all you need to know to get you started on understanding how you and your planetary manifestations operate.