Q – Do I need to take a Foundation Course before I go on to the Diploma Course? I already know a bit about astrology.

A – Already being familiar with some astrological concepts gets you off to a flying start. But if you are planning to enrol on our Diploma Course, we’d like you to get some important basics in place first! You will need to understand how a birth chart is put together, and at Diploma level we will expect you to be able to draw charts up yourself. So if you’ve not already learned to do this, we strongly recommend that you take our Foundation Module “B” for beginners which offers a comprehensive introduction to astrology.

Q – I already know how to draw up charts, and I’ve studied astrology at classes/with another school. Can I go straight into the Diploma Course?

A – Foundation Module “I” offers an Intermediate course for students such as yourself. It gives an introduction to the psychological approach of Bruno and Louise Huber and teaches how to draw up Huber-style charts, which helps set the scene for the Diploma Course that follows.

Q – How long will it take me to complete Foundation Module “B”?

A – Bearing in mind that our Courses are studied on a part-time basis, and that everyone works at their own pace, we would expect students to reasonably complete this course within 8 months to a year. Some do finish sooner than this though – it’s up to the individual!

Q – And how long will it take me to complete Foundation Module “I”?

A – The same principles apply – but as this is a shorter course it could easily be completed in a few months.

Q – What about the Diploma Course – will this take longer to complete?

A – Yes. This Course is intended to be one of in-depth study, and as it is a part-time course, it would be reasonable to expect it to take between 2 and 3 years to complete.

Q – Am I required to undertake a course in basic counselling skills?

A – Not if you are only using astrological psychology for personal development. If you intend to use it for counselling clients then you should undertake suitable counselling training.

Q – Will I get a recognised qualification at the end of my Diploma Course studies?

A – Yes. The Diploma in Astrological Psychology, recognised as a professional qualification by the Association of Professional Astrologers.

Q – I’m not ready yet to enrol on one of your courses, but I like what you do and want to know more. How should I find out?

A -You could start by finding out more about astrological psychology in the book The Cosmic Egg Timer by Joyce Hopewell. Keep an eye on the APA blog and @astpsy Twitter stream for details of any local events. And you could become a member of APA and read our magazine Conjunction and its back issues.