NB Please note that our courses are changing as from January 2017 – see this blog post.
If you wish to enrol on the courses in their current form as outlined below, you must complete your first enrolment by 31 December 2016.

We offer two Foundation Courses for newcomers to astrology, and an in-depth Diploma Course which covers the techniques of working with astrological psychology, both for personal development and with a view to using it in consulting with clients.

Our courses were established in 1983 and continue to be improved and refined for home study. Students work by email with a tutor who helps them navigate through the course modules/units, checking their progress through assignments.

Our tutors are all Diploma Holders and work in as a group to support the learning of students and to maintain standards.

Foundation Courses – no longer offered to new students

Foundation Course B is is suitable for beginners who want to know more about astrology and its use in a psychological context, and provides the necessary grounding for those who then choose to move on to our Diploma Course. Course content includes the relationship of astronomy to astrology, recognising symbols and glyphs, and the meanings of the planets and houses. Students are taught how to draw a Huber-style birth chart using computer data and some simple techniques for chart interpretation. Students receive a signed certificate on successful completion of Foundation Course B.

Foundation Course I is for intermediate students who are already familiar with astrology but who need an introduction to astrological psychology – the Huber Method – before moving on to our Diploma Course. Essentially this is a tailored version of the ‘Beginners’ Course which assumes that the student already has a good understanding of astrology but needs an introduction to the Hubers’ psychological approach and Huber-style charts. Students receive a signed certificate on successful completion of Foundation Course I.

Diploma Course – no longer offered to new students

Our Diploma Course in Astrological Psychology teaches an integrated psychological approach to birth chart interpretation. Students work on their own chart throughout the course, thus offering the greatest opportunities for personal growth alongside their study of astrological psychology. The Diploma Course aims to promote greater self-awareness, and students who graduate will be well equipped to work professionally as astrological consultants. Students undertaking this Course need to be familiar with basic astrological concepts; the Course aims to develop a deeper understanding of these, but does not to teach them. Our Diploma Course consists of 8 Modules with a number of written assignments.  Continuous assessment exercises test students’ understanding and application of the astrological/psychological concepts being taught.  A sound understanding of the theory involved is expected. All assignments relate directly to the course content and students use their own chart to work and comment on throughout.

Time taken to complete the Diploma Course is usually around 2-3 years. Students are able to work at their own pace, by suitable agreement with their tutor.

On successful completion of all 8 Modules students are eligible for the award of the Astrological Psychology Association’s Diploma in Astrological Psychology (Dip. APA). They receive a signed certificate and are invited to be listed with our qualified consultants. Our courses are registered with the Advisory Panel on Astrological Education.

Prospectus – for reference by current students

prospectusTo find out more, download a copy of our prospectus for full details of our courses, and/or go to the page on how to enrol.

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Our courses are accredited with the Advisory Panel on Astrological Education.