New APA Website

Welcome to the new APA Website.

Why have we changed it? Well the old site was becoming out of date and difficult to manage, and everything had to be done by our webmaster Jane.

This new site is produced under the modern WordPress platform, and enables people other than Jane to make changes. We’ve tried to simplify the content to make things easier and clearer. It will also look much better on the smaller screens of tablets and phones.

One possible downside is that any hyperlinks you may have to pages on the old site will no longer work. Also, we have removed little-used features such as the Huber Forum, AstroChat and historic articles. If we have have missed out something you would rather like to be still there, please let us know!

The site also has an integrated blog, on which this is one of the first posts. This allows brief or longer articles to broadcast the latest news and thinking. We invite all members of APA to submit possible contributions to the blog, and you can also choose to make comments on blog posts.

We are also integrated with Twitter, and you can see the latest tweets from @astpsy on the right hand side of every page but the first one.

And do look at and comment on the ‘slider’ on the front page. Let us know if there are any key messages missing – and send any better images you may have.

Send your input to