Mindfulness and Astrological Psychology

Post by Barry Hopewell

It struck me the other day that mindfulness has rarely been stressed as being important in relation to the study and practice of astrological psychology. Yet it is surely fundamental.

When we look at the birth chart and identify features that we relate to our own personality and experience, we can only truly accept or move beyond the limitations they place, if we are are living in the ‘presence’ of mindfulness. We can see that repeating pattern arising from an objective conscious perspective, rather than being a blindly driven subject. Then we can choose to do something different.

For example, I have become ever more aware of the pattern of behaviour represented by the Trampoline in my chart (below, linking Venus, Saturn, Pluto and Sun/Mercury/Mars) – the somewhat prickly red/green exterior, the easy-going interior blue struts that can be pushed a long long way, until finally there is the explosive resistance of that Mars/Pluto square at the base. With that awareness comes the chance to change that repetition.

Extract from my chart showing Trampoline figure

Similarly, when we consult with another on the features in their own chart, it is essential that we stay apart from our own personal reactions that may have been triggered. Indeed the task is very much to bring out the mindfulness of the other person.

Of course, meditation is well recognised as an effective tool to encourage and develop our own capacity for acting mindfully. And this is a key factor in the approach to spiritual development pioneered by Alice Bailey through the Arcane School – and Bruno and Louise Huber spent several years helping to establish the Arcane School branch in Geneva, which still flourishes today. One of the ultimate fruits of this time was Louise’s book Reflections and Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac.

Featured image by Pedrocastillo09, via Wikimedia Commons