Looking forward and back on my involvement with APA

Ghislaine Adams
Post by Ghislaine Adams

It was with sadness and also a sense of anticipation that I approached December 2019 that marked the approaching closure of the APA School. Sadness as it signalled the end of an era during which we, tutors, introduced the principles of Astrological Psychology to new students and guided them through their studies with love and encouragement. Sadness also at saying goodbye to long-term relationships with my own students with whom I developed a deep connection through their charts and the sharing of their life experiences. Anticipation on the other hand at new opportunities, new discoveries and a new blank canvas to draw on.

Change is inherent in life and this is something that Astrological Psychology teaches us through the journey of the Age point round our birth chart. It is a dynamic journey that requires openness and acceptance from each house cusp through each Low Point and change of element. My life as a tutor started when my AP transited the LP of the 9th house and my nodal AP was conjunct Saturn – a call to do something practical with the knowledge I had acquired. Saturn is my ultimate reminder that I cannot stay in the realm of words but must apply myself in a practical way – something that I am good at resisting. However the Saturnian voice is so strong and consistent that I eventually give in and when I do, I have learnt that the movement forward is always joyful and exciting. With Saturn on the ascendant of my chart and my strongest planet, my biggest fear has been to stand out in any way and it took me much effort to develop sufficient trust and confidence to come forward and feel able to use my skills to disseminate the benefits of Astrological Psychology in my own area through day workshops and short foundation courses before joining the APA teaching team.

In the last 20 years, I have worked alongside many students – all gifted, some more dedicated than others, all with their own life struggles. I lost a few on the way and each time it was a cause of deep sadness and wondering whether I could have been of more help. As time went on, I realised that for some students, the open-ended approach to the course with no deadlines and no face-to-face interaction was too much of a challenge. The more motivated students were often the I-sided students that set their own goals and timetable and weren’t so dependent on external involvement. The other successful group of students consisted of those who had previous experience of distance-learning.

There is little doubt that the discontinuation of the summer face-to-face residential gatherings, due to decrease in student numbers and access to suitable venues, had an adverse effect on retention and the invaluable friendship bonds that were created. However, it is with interest that I look back at the time when I used to run monthly meetings for APA students at my house. These meetings were very precious as it allowed us to come together and share our understanding and experience of specific astrological themes pertinent to what the majority was studying at the time. Yet these get-togethers weren’t as conducive to written work and completion of assignments as one would have expected. It seemed to me that the friendly support and joint interest were sufficient to enthuse and motivate but did not translate into progress. On the other hand, because of my time restrictions these last two years I provided each of my students with a specific timetable to adhere to if they wished to gain their diploma by the end of 2019 and I have been amazed by the positive response. Students who had taken years to move forward suddenly applied themselves and submitted work of very high quality in spite of the limited time they had. In a way the carrot and the stick worked together – they knew they had to meet the time requirements and they kept their eyes focused on their goal of completion. I am happy to report that they all finished on time and with very high scores. I sincerely hope that they will make use of their astrological knowledge constructively, both for themselves and for others.

I particularly remember with fondness and gratitude those students who questioned both the core principles of the course and at times my feedback on their assignments. In doing so they often cast a new light on points that I had so far taken for granted and in the process they helped me question, review and deepen my understanding. New perspectives would emerge that we could share. The role of tutor is not a static one but it is a dynamic two-way process of learning and it is the fresh insights from students that made it so worthwhile!

My AP is now crossing my Ascendant and close to conjunction with Saturn whilst the nodal AP is passing over my North Node. A time of change and reflection before action! I am enjoying the moment. I know that very soon Saturn will make itself heard loud and clear and this time I would like to be ready to respond positively. I am keen to offer my time to help young people navigate through the stormy waters that are engulfing our world at present and directly impacting our day-to-day lives. Many of these youngsters are on the autistic spectrum and I feel it is one of the challenges that the Age of Aquarius is bringing us – to conceive of new ways of being in our social and interpersonal interactions and to open up to a greater understanding of different relationships respectful of the other. This is a field of research open to Astrological Psychologists that would benefit many of these children/young adults.

Most importantly we must never forget the power and value of an astrological consultation. These days we have the benefit of Skype so we can reach people all over the world that are seeking our help. I have had consultations with women in Canada, the US, South Africa, Europe and of course the UK and they have all expressed huge gratitude. My last client’s parting words were ‘this is so incredible. It may not be so for you as you’re used to it but for someone like me who knows nothing about astrology and has never had an astrological consultation before, it is most awesome’.

The work of the Hubers will carry on through us and it was Michael Huber’s expressed wish that we should continue to research and thus further their ideas. They made great headway in attuning astrology to the more recent discoveries in Science and Psychology and it is important that we carry the flame for them and keep abreast of what’s going on in every field that has a direct impact on humanity.