Looking at the Night Sky 2019

Astrology and astronomy are twin sciences, once but a single subject. So all astrologers are interested in observing the heavens. This interesting resource on looking at the night sky during 2019 has been brought to our attention. The following text has been sent from Jenny Brown at hobbyhelp.com.

2019 is set to be a fascinating year for amateur astronomers! From lunar eclipses to planetary conjunctions there’s never been a better time to appreciate the night sky. Our friends over at Hobby Help have provided a detailed calendar explaining what you can see and when. We are particularly excited about the 13th of February when you can view Mars and Uranus in close proximity. Anyway, their guide is well worth a view!

It may well be worth taking a look at the 2019 calendar, which gives details of eclipses, meteorite showers, major planetary aspects, when/where to see individual planets, and moon phases. It also contains links to other web resources.