Long live astrological psychology!

On Friday 18th February 2022 an Extraordinary General Meeting of Astrological Psychology Association Limited unanimously took two formal decisions

  1. to dispose of the residual funds, in accordance with the provisions of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and as guided by the membership survey of December 2021.
  2. to dissolve the Association.

Current members will still be members in a formal sense until such time as the Company is struck off from the Register of Companies, anticipated to be July 2022. Of course, there is no requirement to pay any further membership fees and no specific member benefits, as all materials on the website are now freely available.

The trustees would like to thank those members who attended the meeting on Zoom, and those who participated by sending in their proxy votes. And, more generally, we would like to thank all who have been involved with the Huber family, also known as the English Huber School, API(UK) and APA over the years since 1983.

The common sentiment at the EGM was that, with an aging organisation, this was an ending whose time had come – but also that it is not the end of astrological psychology in the English-speaking world. The old must make space for the new, and we fully expect that individuals will continue to form their own ‘little APIs’, as was once presaged by Bruno Huber, and new initiatives in astrological psychology will emerge, in forms appropriate to a changing world. You might consider what role, if any, you personally might play in this process – even the smallest of actions can have the most remarkable consequences.

In disposing of funds, we particularly aim to support necessary background resources, by providing for continued life of the APA website/blog and all its information content, ensuring continued availability of the Huber books, and helping the German IAAP – particularly to convert its online courses to English. Of course, subjectively we remain the Huber family, along with our friends across the English-speaking world, and our many further friends in the German- and Spanish- speaking worlds.

This website is evolving to the new situation, including a new Astrological Psychology logo, evolved from that for APA. Feel free to use this logo where it might help, to show an affiliation with the continued network of the English Huber family, supported by the website.

Do have a browse and let AP webmaster know if there are any further changes or clarifications needed.

And remember, the blog is there for you. Writing your own post is an excellent way of clarifying your own thinking about astrological  psychology and your current interests. Send posts to AP webmaster. And commenting online on the posts of others helps to keep the subject and our relationships alive…

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