IFAP Conference April 2019

Readers of this blog may be interested in the prospective sessions of the IFAP (Huber schools and teachers in the German-speaking world) conference in Switzerland on 6/7 April 2019, following their business meeting, as outlined in the recent IFAP newsletter (courtesy of Google Translate). This gives an interesting insight into where astrological psychology is at in the German-speaking world. Note the conference is all in German. Details from contact IFAP.

Conference theme: Astrological psychology thinking of the future

Harald Zittlau • Where does astrological psychology stand today?

The era of students and teachers who have completed their training with the founders of astrological psychology is coming to an end in the foreseeable future.
The question arises, how will the unique approach be passed on to the next generations? What has evolved in terms of content and subject matter, and how can astrological psychology be opened up to a wider audience?

Sibylle Sulser • The colors in the astrological house and axis system

When we apply the color wheel to the house system, we begin to understand the meaning of the houses in all their depths. Not insignificant, because the houses symbolize the 12 most important areas of our lives in which we can realize our potential.
• So what does it mean when the planets are in the red, yellow, green, blue or purple of the house system?
• If one of these colors is dominated by planets?
• What answers do we get when we mix the complementary colors of the 6 axes?
• Why does time seem to pass so quickly after a certain age?
I can tell you so much: the colors not only help us to better understand the houses and their axes, they also verify their astrological significance and the aha experience is guaranteed!

Isabelle Rohrer, Beate Demmler-Müller, Hajo Rode • With group dynamics for a joint diploma thesis

In distance learning with Elke F. Gut the idea matured to write a joint diploma thesis on the basis of the multiple dynamic quadrant. As you know, it can be very useful and helpful to put teams together based on the dynamic quadrant. At first glance, it quickly becomes clear if and where there are any empty spaces or who will fill them out with whom. It is also important to pay attention to where the personality planets of the individual team members are. By consciously integrating the findings from the common dynamic quadrant, potential can unfold in teams. During the preparation of this diploma thesis also amazing findings have been shown.

Wolfhard König • Parallels between quantum physics and astrology

1. Schrödinger’s quantum-physical concept of entanglement as an explanation of astrology (and extension to C.G. Jung’s concept of synchronicity)
2. Quantum physics is a physics of potentials and possibilities (classical physics examines the realized facts). Astrology is a symbolism (hermeneutics) of potentials and possibilities.
Conclusion: How quantum physics influences and changes the interpretations of the horoscope.