Huber questions answered?

The development of astrological psychology by Bruno & Louise Huber was a revolutionary combination of astrology with depth psychology and spirituality.

  • How and why were the young Bruno & Louise inspired to dedicate their lives to this endeavour?
  • What and who were the key influences in the world they grew up in that led them to do this?
  • How did they meet and decide to work together?
  • How did they gain the deep spiritual understanding that is evident in their work?
  • How did they gain such deep insight into both modern psychology and astrology and relate them together?
  • How did they develop their revolutionary new astrological-psychological understanding, notably of the house system, the aspect pattern and the life clock.
  • How was the Swiss Astrological Psychology Institute (API) established?
  • What was the contribution of each of Bruno and Louise to the success of their joint enterprise?
  • How did the Hubers’ teaching spread around the world, notably with the establishment of the World Astrology Congresses and of the English and Spanish Huber schools?
  • How was this received in more conventional astrological circles?
  • What happened to the Swiss API, and to the Hubers?
  • Why were these two individuals so inspiring to so many people?
  • What is the legacy of Bruno & Louise Huber?

All of these questions and more are answered in the forthcoming biography of Bruno & Louise Huber, with the title Piercing the Eggshell: The Hubers and their Astrological Psychology. The story is mostly told by Bruno, Louise and many of those involved, edited by Barry and Joyce Hopewell.

Watch this space for further details.