Glove Puppets

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‘Maggie’s Musings’ by Maggie Jeffery

For some time now I’ve felt a bit lost and in a sort of in-between stage; a door in my life seemed to have closed and everything was on hold as if waiting for something new to emerge.

Then on a recent trip to London I came across a book written by Amy Mindell called ‘The Dreaming Source of Creativity’, (2005). Very inspiring and readable, Mindell creates and uses glove puppets in her work as a psychotherapist. Her book reminded me of personal work when studying Psychosynthesis and creatively identifying some of my own Sub-Personalities.

I began to think about my Natal Chart and the Planets in Signs, Houses and Aspects and decided to try and create a glove puppet of one of them that would reflect the energy of the Planet. I began with my Moon in Scorpio, an absorbing task that was fulfilling and very inspiring; I named her ‘Dire Daisy’ and she sits now in my office resplendent in her dark sea green cape, wearing a ‘Sorting Hat’ (a la Harry Potter) and hiding the bright feathers that one day will help her to fly. Unsurprisingly focusing on this Planet produced a nightmare very soon afterwards! I won’t go into details ……. but when I analysed the imagery of the dream and reflected on it, the insights it offered were profound.

Since then ‘Scatty Norah’ has come into being (Sun in Gemini) and now I’m working on Mars in Pisces. As these two are in a Square Aspect, you can imagine that creating them was not straightforward! Interesting that the process of making ‘Dire Daisy’ (Moon) was so much easier with the Natal Moon the strongest personality planet, well aspected. In a separate pattern in the Chart, Sun Square Mars is the only aspect.

I am passionate about the crucial need for ‘Inner Transition’ in response to the great challenges our world faces currently: discovering and facing the Shadow, psychological integration and growth can only happen one person at a time. My work and study of Astrological Psychology convinces me that as a tool for counselling and coaching it offers enormous potential. Yet even today there is much public ignorance, prejudice and misapprehension surrounding Astrology that mitigates against its wider use.

So I’m hoping to develop this work and find a way to incorporate glove puppets into my coach/counselling practice. It begins to appear that the time taken in crafting an archetype offers a creative process that helps access and deepens understanding of the Natal Chart and enable the unique essence of the individual’s planetary complex to emerge.

Our local Well Being Network is going well and at our Meeting three days before Hallowe’en, I’m presenting on the theme of Scorpio. So I shall take along ‘Dire Daisy’, re-tell the story of Persephone and Pluto alongside discussion about the deeper meaning of this time of the year. Should be a lively evening!

I love to hear from you and especially any ideas or thoughts that arise from these’ Musings’.

Warm wishes!

Maggie Jeffery

For some time, Maggie has written a regular item in each issue of Conjunction. This is her post for issue 64.

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