Further Tutor Reflections

Following on from Ghislaine’s recent post, reflecting on her tutoring experience, here are shorter contributions by other recent tutors.

Trish Crawford
Trish Crawford

I felt it to be a great privilege to be invited to become a tutor back in 2010. And it has also been a privilege to work with all the different kinds of students that came my way. There has always been a co-learning – aside from the knowledge I could impart, there was always the fascination presented by every new chart and the unique life it represents, and the student’s interpretation and insights into its many-layered meaning for them. And students of course came from many different backgrounds and experiences.

And now, with the School closed for the formal Foundation and Diploma Courses, I am pleased to be able to continue to offer tutoring advice and help to those who wish to follow the self-study book: ‘Astrological Psychology: the Huber Approach’, and to continue to engage with the immense richness, depth and value of Huber Astrology.

– – – – –

Sue Lewis

In the final paragraph of Astrological Psychology, Western Esotericism and the Transpersonal, I wrote:

“The astrologer’s gaze extends over the principal charts for interpretation, one facilitating insight into the Akashic records of the past, and another mapping the collective environment of the present, as well as the central imprint of birth, the beginning of the journey, showing the way to psychosynthesis and transpersonal development, and using the most appropriate of symbolic systems, the language of the cosmos.”

Being a tutor of Astrological Psychology gave me the opportunity to share with my students this way of visualizing beyond the immediate moment, listening to the heart, and taking the journey of the soul. The method devised by Bruno and Louise Huber draws on ancient wisdom, astrological research and psychosynthesis. Chart drawing and interpretation require technical precision while the aspect structure stimulates the imagination. Students often struggle to integrate the technical and imaginative sides of their brain but when they succeed a tutor’s role is truly rewarding. Progression through a course of this nature requires dedication, can change our perception of self as we increase in awareness, and help each of us discover our own vocation. A tutor is privileged to assist in this process of growth.

– – – – –

Iris Schencks

Little did I think many years ago, when immersed in studying for the APA diploma, that one day I would be tutoring other students. Having the opportunity to take on the role has been a great privilege and a pleasure, and I have learned so much in the process.

When I am asked what being a tutor entails I have noticed that at any the mention of ‘distance learning’, a rather one-dimensional curriculum or an impersonal process is sometimes assumed. Nothing could be further from the truth.

With a background in primary education I have always been interested to observe how the quality of the curriculum and relationships impacts on the educational process for everyone involved. I have found that the APA course structure, along with the excellent Huber resources and of course the charts themselves, provide a very rich learning environment for students in which to develop the skills, knowledge and insight needed to become sensitive and proficient astrological consultants. With mutual trust and respect, and with authentic communication, physical distance becomes completely irrelevant in developing a positive and productive student-tutor relationship.

It has been both humbling and very rewarding to witness students’ willingness to wholeheartedly commit to the teaching and learning process on offer and put their trust in their charts and also in me as their guide and mentor. At the same time, revisiting the course content many times, seeing things afresh through their eyes, explaining new concepts or answering questions, my own knowledge and understanding of the Huber approach has been enhanced. The on-going support of other tutors has also been invaluable in this respect.

The APA expects high standards from both students and tutors and while endeavouring to fulfil my responsibilities conscientiously, I have been impressed by the dedication and perseverance shown by most students and how openly and earnestly they work through each assignment, willing to reveal their vulnerabilities. Being in a position to see their knowledge and confidence increasing as they gradually learn how to fit the many pieces of the ‘chart interpretation jigsaw’ together, and also witness their growing awareness of their own unconscious motivations, strengths and weakness, enabling positive life changes to be made, has always been a privilege.

Although our work together is taken very seriously, as in any on-going relationship there are also humorous or light-hearted exchanges. I find that sharing those moments and becoming a small part of the student’s life for a time, hearing about their work, family, pets, interests and the ups and downs of life, adds interest and texture to the relationship and also enjoyment.

Although most students live in another part of the world and there is a huge physical distance between us, I have always been surprised how quickly we seem to establish a connection and how strongly their individual voice and unique presence shines through in our communications and their work. I do not know how the student-tutor relationship feels from the other side but from my perspective at least, the bond feels very real and each student will always have a place in my memory and affection. I will always be grateful for the ‘distance learning’ experiences we have shared together.

– – – – –

The learning process of astrological psychology will go on, and the materials and processes established by the school continue to provide a valuable framework for that learning process. Some of our tutors continue to offer support to your learning process.