Foundation Astrology

Most readers will be aware that the APA Diploma Course material is now generally available as the book Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method. Due to demand, we have also made generally available the Foundation Course material, this time as a pdf ebook which can be downloaded and printed.

Foundation Astrology gives a basic grounding in astrology and the psychological approach of the Hubers to those not familiar with astrology, or those desiring an introduction to the Hubers’ approach before tackling the more advanced material in Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method.

For those who would prefer to study with the help of a tutor, some of our tutors offer services to help you along the way.

The material comprises 8 units:

  • Unit 1  Introduction
  • Unit 2  Symbols and Glyphs
  • Unit 3  The Solar System, the Zodiac and the Birth Chart
  • Unit 4  Drawing the Birth Chart
  • Unit 5  The Structure of the Birth Chart
  • Unit 6  Temperament and Motivation
  • Unit 7  The Components of the Birth Chart
  • Unit 8  Interpretation

Foundation Astrology is now a free pdf download. Go to APA publications.