Family message to friends of Louise Huber

The following message was sent by the Huber family to friends of Louise Huber, which will include many members of APA and other astrologers.

“Everything must be in harmony with the whole.”
Louise Huber, 2003

“We all need more devotion”
Louise Huber, 2015

Dear Friends of Louise Huber

On the 13th of January at 12:15, Louise has begun the next part of her voyage.

We want to say goodbye to her together and honour her life.

In her spirit and philosophy, we invite you to join us in a moment of silent reflection to celebrate the life and memory of Louise wherever you may be on this planet. This gathering of remembrance will allow all of us to reflect on the most beautiful memories we have of Louise in order for them to have an everlasting place in our hearts and soul.

On the 2nd of April at 10.30 (CEST) [=09.30 in GMT zone], we will say our goodbyes to Louise in a forest near Adliswil and give her ashes back to the earth. We hope that you all will connect with us and Louise and say your goodbyes in your own ways.

Please forward this message to whom it might concern.

In gratitude and love for Louise

Michael, Perla, Raphael and Linda, Jessica and Elias with Nael, Gabriel and Khwan with Jamal, Jeromiah & Joshua, Samantha and Paul with Finn and all friends.

“There is great happiness in not wanting, in not being something, in not going somewhere.” Jiddu Krishnamurti

If you wish to join Louise’s immediate family and the wider Huber astrological family and community, please link up in thought and spirit with all those who have been touched by Louise in some way, or have been influenced by her books or by hearing her speak.

Meditate, light a candle, be quiet, reflect in your own way or simply remember her with love and respect.