Dreams and Age Progression Research

john grove
Post by John Grove

I have been enthusiastic about aspect pattern astrology but what really struck me was the relationship between the Age Point Progression and developmental crises and opportunities and their correlation with dreams. In my book Dreams and Astrological Psychology I highlighted the fact that at certain points I had significant dreams that corresponded with the Age Point being conjunct to certain sensitive points in my chart. Even though that may be significant for me; I would like to share with others the opportunity to see this connection in their own lives.

I am therefore requesting readers of this blog if they would be willing to share with me examples from their own lives of dreams that linked with important Age Point conjunctions and oppositions to sensitive points in their own charts. Please send me examples of such experiences from your own dreams, or related to any of your clients, or biographical investigations you may have perfomed related to charts.

My ultimate objective is to publish this research.

You can respond to John by commenting on this post, or by email via editor@astrologicalpsychology.org. If the latter, we can put you in direct email contact with John.

Featured image is from the cover of Dreams and Astrological Psychology.