Critical times of life and dreamwork

John Grove
Post author John Grove

Why do we use the horoscope to decide on timing of critical events in our lives? According to the Huber method, there are 12 houses each with an area of life in the outside world that it governs. At birth the Age Point starts to progress through each of these 12 houses. It takes 6 years for it to pass one house.

I would characterise the twelve houses of the birth chart as follows:
1. Outer being image of the person. self observation. goal projection- 1 to 6 years of age
2. Talents, energy management, supply, life substance
3. Neighbourly brotherly associations, collective thought forms
4. Tradition, collective sense of belonging- 18-24 years of age
5. Appearance, overt contacts, erotic experiments and results, exploitation
6. Fight for existence, work style, productivity, psychosomatic processes, defeats
7. Commitment, Legal bonds, social securement, contract-relationships- 36-42 year of age
8. Death-rebirth processes, law of give and take, debt and responsibilities towards others
9. Kind of thinking, sense of fairness, awareness, worth
10. Calling, self realization, position in community, career goal, authority 54-60 years of age
11. Freely chosen relations, Friends, Portrait of man the moralist
12. Introversion, unworldly man, isolation, You-loss
1. 72 years of age and the process starts again

So at critical times: Leaving home (when the Age Point enters the 4th house between 18-24 years); when it enters the 6rth house (Ages 30-36) ; when it enters the 8th house (Ages 42-48) which is mid life crisis time; when it enters the 12th house (Ages 66-72) which is retirement time.  These are times when we should pay attention to the themes of our dreams.

For example just before I retired I had this dream:

I was going to climb a mountain with some people.  We were getting ready to ascend but we had to buy some gear.  I needed pants and long underwear (security and safety theme).  I had a paper bag of money which I was going to buy stuff in the store (cash concerns upon retirement- will I have enough?).  I left the other people I was with to find my gear and got a sense of relief from this.  As I wandered through the store alone (retirement is a time of isolation); I picked up the underwear and some jeans.  After a discussion with a clerk about something unimportant, I got in line to pay for my stuff.  At once I realized I lost my paper bag of money (anxiety over losses of status).  It was gone!  I went back behind counters, looked everywhere, thought one of the clerks took it (projection on others for psychological distress).  I could not find it anywhere.  In the end, gathered the underwear and jeans on a table and found out they belonged to me all along.  I did not have to pay for them.  (The sense of insecurity about loss of income , loss of status and loss of occupational identity is an illusion; we have everything we need (inner resources) anyway and do not have to sacrifice anything more.    Obviously, this dream had all the elements of an anxiety dream.  And it was the timing of the dream just 2 weeks before my official retirement date.  Therefore, the timing of the dream lent information about its interpretation.


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