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‘Maggie’s Musings’ by Maggie Jeffery

So… I’m writing this on a wave of post Equinox and Full Moon energy and excited by the creative possibilities opening up all around. I described my puppets in the last edition of Conjunction and am still knitting… although unsurprisingly finding I’m a little stuck on Saturn!

Recent events have got me thinking about  mums struggling with teenage children who are suffering from mental health problems. Looking a little deeper and certainly where I’m living youngsters on the Autism Spectrum are not hard to find and I wondered what is going on with our children? So I was interested in an article discussing the Pluto in Sagittarius Generation published last August in The Mountain Astrologer, called “Holding a Lighted Candle” by Raye Robertson.

Having given this a lot of thought and feeling I wanted to do something, my latest ‘escapade’ has been to link up with an artist and develop a project called ‘Creative Well Being’.   Basically this is about visual journaling and exploring the Elements and Signs according to the Cycle of the year and of course staying positively well. My aim is to offer time and space for carers and mums and dads to slow down and reflect and connect to the seasons drawing on their creative imagination to express what they’re noticing day to day in the natural world.  The puppets come in very handy as well (no pun intended!).

In the West especially, our culture has become so head orientated rather than heart led that I wonder whether this separation/imbalance is causing real damage to the psyche and this is finally manifesting in all sorts of mental health problems. I was thinking of the  psychosynthesis model of the ‘Egg Diagram’ and the ‘Cracking of the Egg’ and it’s almost as though some are approaching the Transpersonal without grounding and ego integration and metaphorically losing hold of the string of the balloon. Is this to do with expectations that are too high, our education system or too many electronic hand held devices.   How much ‘switching off’ do our kids get or are they constantly being stimulated by over exposure to ongoing information through today’s  technology.

Surely the modern needs of our young people reinforce the idea of more emphasis being placed on psychological education and awareness in society? I do feel that past misinformation, assumptions and misapprehension about the nature of Astrology and especially Astrological Psychology can be a block that undermines the huge resource Astrological Psychology especially offer at this time.

We are living through great and ongoing change and self-knowledge has surely never been more vital than at this time.

For some time, Maggie’s Musings have been a regular feature of our magazine Conjunction. This text is part of issue 65.

Featured image shows the top part of Assagioli’s Egg Diagram, referred to in the text.