Conjunction Issue 64

This is the publically visible, clickable version of Conjunction Issue 64, November 2015. You will not be able to access articles only visible to members from this version.

barryEditor’s Notes

Welcome to the new-style, all-interactive Conjunction, integrated into the website.

This issue is a bit experimental, so please comment if you think it can be improved. Most of the content has already appeared online on blog, twitter or as articles published to members since Issue 63 in May. You can click through to items you want to read in more detail.

There is a trend to more blog items and less more-meaty articles. So please consider if you could write something more considered and in-depth for next time – and shorter items for the blog are always welcome. Send to

News and Comment

On the blog:

Simplicity  – Joyce Hopewell’s ‘Notes from the 11th House’ on the quality that  pervades Astrological Psychology.

Glove Puppets  – Maggie Jeffery’s Musings on working with glove puppets, planets and subpersonalities.

A Map of Happiness?  – Maggie Jeffery muses on finding a map of happiness in the natal chart.

Reflections on Astrological Psychology  – This is an edited version of the final words spoken by Bruno Huber at the last seminar he gave in England in 1998.

Dear Pluto  – Joyce Hopewell is inspired by NASA’s New Horizons mission to reflect on the status of the planet Pluto.

Ryland Aspects  – Barry Hopewell chances on a copy of Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos in the John Rylands Library in Manchester, and reflects on the significance of aspect patterns.

Congratulations on Twitter:

Congratulations to Alexandra Wax (UK) on achieving her Diploma in Astrological Psychology

Congratulations to John D.Grove (USA) on successfully completing his Diploma in Astrological Psychology

Congratulations on the centenary of the founding of the Astrological Lodge of London by Alan Leo 13 July 1915

Other Twitter highlights:

Sophia Centre Graduate (MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology) conference 28 Nov, London: …

Iris Schencks is taking over from Sue Lewis as our representative with the Advisory Panel on Astrological Education 

Windows 10: Cathar Software inform us that the following software will work with Windows 10: Astrocora 7, Megastar 7 & 8 and Regulus 6 & 7

The September/October issue of the Astrological Journal includes review by Ghislaine Adams of Sue Lewis’s new book

Sun 13th Sept, AA conference – Moon node astrology – Sue Lewis

NASA New Horizons image gallery of Pluto: …

Tweets window of latest news is now on our front page:  – saves that extra click

Astrology Apps for mobile devices – interesting article by Hank Friedman in the Aug/Sep issue of The Mountain Astrologer (mostly not Huber)

Astrological psychology is new – Bruno Huber recording: 

Updated slideshow on the front page . Any feedback welcome…

Interesting post on Will Parfitt’s new website – on moving beyond polarities: …