Conjunction 69, June 2018

Caroline Adlestone

Conjunction 69 was recently issued by editor Caroline Adlestone and sent to members. It is available in the Members’ Area of the APA website, and available to non-members in the Ebook Store.

Contents are as follows:

News and Comment

2 On the blog


3 The Hubers and their Legacy, by Barry Hopewell

10 New Release Megastar 9, by Juan Saba

16 Astroprinted Jewellery, by Andrei Andrada

Special Interception Issue Section

18 Intercepted Planets and Picasso 1932: Love, Fame, Tragedy, by Sue Lewis

22 Interception: A Journey between Lives, by Trish Crawford

23 Intercepted Venus and Jupiter in my natal chart, by Andrei Andrada

25 My intercepted Sun/Mercury/Mars, by Barry Hopewell

26 As Peas in a Pod, by Joyce Hopewell

30 Interception and Unaspected: “No one can hear me!”, by Linda Tinsley

31 Shine on! Intercepted Sun in Leo, by Caroline Adlestone


34 Venus and Mars In Depth, by Wanda Smit

37 Appraisal of three recent publications on Jung’s engagement with Astrology, by Sue Lewis

44 Astrology and Depth Psychology, Part 2, by Wolfhard König