Conjunction 68, December 2017

Conjunction 68 was recently issued by new editor Caroline Adlestone and sent to members. It is available in the Members’ Area of the APA website.

Non-members can now purchase it by going to the Ebook Store.

Contents are as follows:

News and Comment

2 On the blog

3 Highlights from Twitter


4 Introvert/Extrovert on the Encounter Axis, Opening Doors: Surrealism, Cruelty, Incest and Catharsis.
by Sue Lewis

13 Pluto in Capricorn – the sound of chickens coming home to roost
by Joyce Hopewell

15 Fate or Free Will
by Linda Tinsley

16 The National Expedition Team: You, Me and the Many
by Janet Derwent

20 Freud, Jung and dreamwork in connection to Age Point Progression in Astrological Psychology
by John Grove

27 The Location Horoscope: Where is the chemistry right for me?
by Bruno Huber

34 Astrology and Depth Psychology, Part 1
by Wolfhard König


23 Life Passages: When Age Point Aspects and Dreams Coincide by John D. Grove
reviewed by Marilyn Burnett

25 One Cosmic Day by Wanda Smit
reviewed by Andrei Andrada