Conjunction 63, May 2015

The May 2015 issue of our newsletter/magazine Conjunction is now available to members. It includes the following content.

News and Comment

In the publically visible part of Conjunction, available here, the future integration of Conjunction into this website is described.

News items include links to recent blog entries and news highlights from the @astpsy Twitter stream, plus details of a series of coming events in the south of England.

The regular feature Maggie’s Musings by Maggie Jeffery, is inspired by Naomi Klein’s book ‘This Changes Everything’.


The following articles are available to members only.

My Provocative Figure on Trial!

by Richard Llewellyn &  Joyce Hopewell

Approaching his 90th birthday, Richard recently uncovered this long lost interchange with Joyce from his old files. It throws light onto the meaning of the ‘Provocative’ aspect figure, and along the way we learn that things did not always run smoothly in the development of APA! The article refers to the description of the ‘Provocative Figure’ in the Hubers’ Aspect Pattern Astrology page 233.

Growth through the Age Point

by Marilyn Burnett

Marilyn outlines significant stages of growth in her own life, illuminated by aspects made by the Age Point to her own stressed Sun.

Louise Colet: Poet, Flaubert’s Muse and one of the first Feminists

by Wanda Smit

Wanda assesses the chart of an early feminist.

Lincoln’s Dream

by John D. Grove

John reflects on the dream Abraham Lincoln had foretelling his own assassination, and relates this to astrological factors in his charts and transits.

From the Unconscious to the Conscious: The seventh 6-year cycle, Part 2

by Wanda Smit

Wanda continues Diana’s story as her Age Point rises above the DC into the conscious hemisphere.

Lilith Revisited: Female Rebellion and the Search for Consciousness

by Beata Bishop

Beata uses the story of Lilith to illuminate the history of suppression of the feminine.


Astrological Psychology, Western Esotericism, and the Transpersonal

by Sue Lewis

Two independent reviews, by Joyce Hopewell and Ghislaine Adams, both highly recommend Sue’s new book, both as an academic resource and as a valuable guide on the contexts of astrological psychology.

Your Inner Will: Finding Personal Strength in Critical Times

by Piero Ferrucci

Sue Lewis reviews Ferruci’s book and wholeheartedly recommends it as a practical guide to Psychosynthesis.