Conjunction 62, November 2014

The November 2014 issue of our newsletter/magazine Conjunction is now available to members. It includes the following content.

News and Comment

In the publically visible part of Conjunction, available here, APA principal Joyce Hopewell considers the significance of the planet Pluto and relates this to a recent visit to Jodrell Bank in Cheshire.

News items includes a feature on the new APA website, inviting members to submit items for the new blog, and identifies the free Huber-style chart facility provided by

The regular feature Maggie’s Musings by Maggie Jeffery, considers positive psychology and A Map of Happiness.


The following articles are available to members only.

Clint Eastwood – The Man with No Name, by Joyce Hopewell

Joyce takes a look at the chart of prolific actor and film director Clint Eastwood.

Arthur Koestler, by Wanda Smit

As the first of a series ‘Biographies penned by the Planets’, Wanda offers her interpretation of Arthur Koestler’s chart.

From the First Chamber, by Kim Earl

Kim continues the imaginative story of her sub-personalities from Conjunction 58-61, on their journey through the Crystal Maze, moving on from the 1st chamber (house).

From the Unconscious to the Conscious, by Wanda Smit

Wanda continues Diana’s story as her Age Point rises above the DC into the conscious hemisphere.

When You Drop a Stone in a Pond, by Richard Llewellyn

This article, by APA’s joint founder, reminds us of some of the basics of astrological psychology and psychosynthesis.


The following book reviews are all by APA tutor Sue Lewis.

Dreams and Astrological Psychology, by John D. Grove

Sue’s comprehensive review of the new book by psychotherapist and APA student John Grove concludes that this ‘is a significant book that raises a lot of issues and demonstrates how dreams, imagination, and astrological psychology might unite in developing a level of consciousness more attuned to our evolving world’.

Inside the Cosmic Mind, by Phoebe Wyss

The Dream of the Cosmos, by Anne Baring

Cosmos, Chaosmos and Astrology, by Bernadette Brady

Featured Charts

Features the charts of ‘maverick UK politicians’ Alex Salmond, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.