Chart in Focus #7

This is now an occasional series of charts for the consideration of readers – a bit of practice in top level chart interpretation. Why not give it a go?

This particularly intriguing chart is submitted by Annita More. What do you think?

26/04/1976, 15:45, Barcelona, Spain

Please post, as a comment, your initial outline interpretation at the very top level. This should be, say 3-10 paragraphs with, for example:

  • What is your intuitive reaction to the chart overall – chart image, shaping, direction?
  • What key features might you expect to be of major significance for this person?
  • What sort of issues might be arising for the person at this point in their lives?

Others may comment on your interpretation, or produce their own.

If you wish a chart to be considered for this series, send the birth data to: