Changing delivery of APA courses

[This blog post is now historic. For the current situation see the page Study Astrological Psychology.]

Trustees’ Notice (Issued December 2016)

It is with much regret that the APA trustees have concluded that the present method of delivery of the APA Foundation and Diploma courses is not sustainable in the long run. Our organisation is growing older and new energies are not coming forward to sustain the current approach into the future. We will therefore cease to offer enrolment on our tutored Diploma and Foundation courses as from the end of 2016, with the special exception that current Foundation Course students may enrol on the Diploma Course at a later date by special arrangement with their tutor. APA will continue to issue Diplomas/Certificates to those successfully completing their course by end of 2019.

If you want to be one of the last cohort of Diploma or Foundation Course students you must enrol on the course by 31st December.

As an alternative from early 2017, we plan to publish the Diploma and Foundation manuals as books, available to the general public through normal retail channels. To complement this, some of the current tutors will offer tutoring services to help individuals through the course, in a similar manner to the current approach. These services will be advertised on the APA website. APA will no longer issue Diplomas/Certificates to such students, but the tutor will issue a Certificate of Completion.

With these decisions we hope to ensure continued availability of the Hubers’ teachings for the foreseeable future.

This website and our magazine Conjunction continue to operate as normal, as does APA as a membership organisation, so please continue to renew your membership as usual.

Details of availability of the new books will be announced in January 2017.

Featured image shows Bruno & Louise Huber presenting an early Diploma to Joyce Hopewell, Adliswil 1987