Capricorn in Focus

Post by Barry Hopewell

I was particularly struck by these words by Simon Marlow, from the World Goodwill report of his talk at the recent full moon meeting for Capricorn 10 January 2020 at 19:21GMT:

“There are two distinct yet interrelated qualities to Capricorn. On the one hand this sign symbolises and promotes the deepest involvement in the material realms. It is here that the soul, the spiritual self, finds that it has become a complete prisoner of form, chained, like Plato’s captives, in the dark cave of illusion. The financier Warren Buffett once remarked that “the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken”. This might be the experience of the personality, yet from a spiritual perspective there is always the possibility of breaking one’s chains, turning around, and achieving spiritual freedom. This is the second feature, or gift, that Capricorn bestows. The dense concretion of form makes it easily shatterable. Once shattered and the debris dealt with and left behind, the mountain top of initiation comes into view and the will to achieve new heights on the spiritual journey makes success on this path possible.

In our present time humanity is exhibiting both of these characteristics to a marked degree –a dense materialism on the one hand and a spiritual vision of unity and service on the other. Will an unthinking, addictive and destructive materialism continue to govern the life of humanity, amplifying the continuing misery of many millions of people? Or can we manifest enough of the spiritual Will to turn around so that we can collectively help shatter humanity’s chains and together start to climb the mountain top of initiation? This is what the full moon in Capricorn offers us.”

These words ring so true for the times we find ourselves in. Humanity does indeed seem to have become the prisoner of form and the material, across so many parts of the world. And yet the voices clamouring for more enlightened attitudes become increasingly strident, as the deadening and deadly effects of this blind materialism become increasingly evident. More and more individuals approach the entrance of the cave through which the light pours, while the majority sit facing the shadows on the wall.

The chart for this full moon, set for London, is quite unusual and suggestive:

The focus of tension on the Cancer-Capricorn axis is immense. The current period of Saturn/Pluto conjunction, itself inherently tense, is joined by Sun/Mercury in the nodal axis oppositions, which all seems to reflect Marlow’s words and the tensions in the world today.

This full moon would seem to have been a very propitious time for meditation.