Bruno Huber – a brief biography

This brief biography appeared in Astrolog, German language magazine of astrological psychology, in March 2016. A more detailed history of the Hubers, astrological psychology and the API school will appear in the forthcoming Conjunction 66, available to members.

Bruno Huber, the well-known Swiss astrologer, was born on 29.11.1930 at 12:55 and died on 3rd November 1999, both in Zurich.

Bruno Huber was an internationally-renowned personality in the field of astrology at the end of the twentieth century. Together with his wife, Louise Huber, he founded and led the Astrological Psychology Institute in the Swiss town of Adliswil.

Back in 1947, at the age of 17, Huber was already beginning to take an interest in astrology, inspired by an astronomy professor who gave a lecture that was strongly critical of astrology. After completing his military service, he travelled to Germany in 1952, where he met and fell in love with Louise, his future wife, in Stuttgart. They got married on 21st March 1953 and two years later, their son Michael was born. Bruno was now studying psychology in Zurich and was also focusing on philosophy and esotericism. He was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with existing astrological ideas, as their deterministic approach did not sit well with his knowledge of psychology.

Bruno started comparing astrological rules to the results of psychological tests and developed his own astrological terminology and ideas, supported and encouraged by his wife Louise’s theosophical and esoteric background knowledge.

In the summer of 1956, the Huber family moved to Geneva to help set up Alice Bailey’s Arcane School centre there. In 1958/9, they moved to Italy to Roberto Assagioli’s Institute for Psychosynthesis, where Assagioli asked for their help in writing his ground-breaking ‘Psychosynthesis: A Manual of Principles and Techniques’. At the same time, they also discussed ideas and concepts for further astrological research with Assagioli. At that time, Huber noticed that the Koch House system was the most revealing and insightful for his purposes. Concepts such as the house intensity curve and the Age Point also originate from this time (around 1961).

In 1962, the family returned to Switzerland. Around 1967, Huber decided to become a teacher of his psychological approach to astrology, so on 12th March 1968, he gave his first ‘Introduction to Psychology’ lecture in a pub in Zurich. This is considered to be the birth time of the Astrological Psychology Institute (API). After that, he and his wife gave lectures and courses in their brand of psychological-esoteric astrology which they called Astrological Psychology. Out of this, over the following years, grew an international astrological psychology school. A heart attack in 1991 reduced Bruno’s influence over the management of the school, and in 1999 he died of cancer.

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