Biography of Bruno & Louise Huber

Post by Barry Hopewell

The new biography of Bruno & Louise Huber, anticipated in my earlier post Telling the Huber Story is now imminently available, with formal publication date of 10th November. As outlined in that post:

The book tells the story of the development of Bruno & Louise’s ideas, their formative influences and what impelled them to do what they did, and how they inspired others along the way. It tells of how they established a professional institution, the Astrologish-Psychologisches Institut (API) in Switzerland, and the series of World Astrology Congresses, and how their teachings spread worldwide, notably through the establishment of the English and Spanish Huber Schools. It also tells how the enterprise faltered and growth slowed after Bruno Huber’s heart attack in 1991, but also how the indomitable will of Louise, supported by Michael Huber and the API teachers, kept things going even after Bruno died in 1999, into the 21st century. It tells of the demise of the API institution, but the continuation of the teaching through separate schools in the German-speaking area, and the continuing availability of books and websites supported by teachers in English- and Spanish- speaking parts of the world. This is the story of Bruno & Louise Huber and their Huber Method of astrological psychology.

The book’s title is Piercing the Eggshell, with subtitle The Hubers and their Astrological Psychology. Follow the link to see a full outline of its contents.

You should be able to get hold of copies of this book from retailers, including Amazon, and it will be availalable to APA Members at special offer price from the APA Bookshop. Go to the Members Area of the website. [Offer details will be up shortly.]

The book is jointly edited by Joyce Hopewell and myself. We would like to record here thanks to those who have specially contributed to help its success and completeness.

Special thanks are due to Sue Lewis for translating material from Spanish, for reviewing and proofing drafts, and for making valuable suggestions. Also to Harald Zittlau for helping to clarify the course of events leading to the establishment of the German professional astrological psychology organisation IFAP.

The story contains much information previously included in the magazines Astrolog (German), Conjunction (English) and APA member publications. Invaluable additional individual contributions have been made by Richard Llewellyn, Sue Lewis and Sue Cameron (UK), Rosa Solé Gubianes and Lola Ferrer (Spain), Ana Quiroga (Chile), Angela Wilfart (France), Juan Saba (Argentina), Pam Tyler and Samantha Breno (USA), Michael Huber (via Samantha), Harald Zittlau, Wolfhard König and Elke Gut (Germany), and Bruno Landolt (Switzerland). It truly is the story of the Huber/API family.

Do read it, and give it to others to explain to them what all this exciting astrological psychology is all about!


Why is the title ‘Piercing the Eggshell’? If you’re familiar with Bruno Huber’s Amphora, you may have a good idea. If not, there’ll soon be another blog post to explain it…