Astrocalc 6.5

The Astrocalc software programme has been around for a long time. Although it produced Huber charts they were not deemed to be of a quality suitable for studying the APA Diploma, so Astrocalc did not appear in our list of recommended software. The latest version Astrocalc 6.5 has been made available as a free download, so some Huber enthusiasts may wish to try it out.

Sue Lewis

Sue Lewis has taken a quick look and come up with the following observations:

  • Below are my three charts put up with Astrocalc after I tweaked the colours. There’s also a place chart.
  • Whereas screen charts copied to the clipboard for insertion into a document are landscape, the Natal Chart prints portrait with the data below, including planets in signs and houses, balance points, low points and dynamic calculations.
  • Age Point and Age Progression data is available and can be printed out as a list but not as a chart.
  • On the down side, the Nodal Age Progression calculations look extremely dodgy and I can’t find crossing points.
  • So it’s not as sophisticated or good looking as MegaStar but entirely adequate for personal use.

A more in-depth review will be welcome.