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Current and back issues of our newsletter/magazine Conjunction can be found at the following link: Conjunction, where you will also find indexes to Articles and Reviews.

APA Bookshop – Member Offers

The following gives one-click ordering from the bookshop for current member offers, with payment through PayPal. Standard p&p charge of £2 is applied, and your address will be obtained thorough PayPal. 

The Living Birth Chart
Second edition, with colour illustrations
Special member price £12.00

The Cosmic Egg Timer: Introducing Astrological Psychology
Third edition, with colour illustrations
Special member price £10.00

For other books and intercontinental orders go direct to the bookshop.

APA Publications

A set of APA publications, originally sold as printed booklets, is now available to members.


In addition to the publically available audio recordings identified on the Resource Summary page, the following conference recordings are available.

The following talks were given by Joyce Hopewell at the Australian Astrological Association Conference in Melbourne, 2000.

  • Aspect Pattern Astrology – Understanding the dynamics of a selection of aspect patterns. Part One | Part Two
  • Journeys From The Centre Of The Chart – An introduction and overview of the Huber approach and the meaning of the five levels of the chart. Part One | Part Two
  • Where Are You Now, Where Are You Going? – Using the chart as a life clock. Part One | Part Two

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