APA Members Free Books Offer

Post by Linda Tinsley

In light of Richard Lewellyn’s passing, Elly Gibbs has kindly given Richard books to the APA bookshop. With also having a number of second hand books the book shop has gathered a large selection of metaphysical topics.  Most are in good condition that range from astrology to tarot books and cards, healing, spiritual and self-development. With lots of books needing a good home I am offering a “Free Mystery bundle”. This will a pot luck/lucky dip bundle of 5 books. There would be no choice of book it will be more interesting to just receive a “mystery” selection, (on the basis of you get what you need at the time!)

You would need to pay postage, which on average works out around £2 per book in the UK. Overseas works out more, and I would inform you on price before posting.

If you would like a “Free Mystery Bundle” please email lucindatinsley@talktalk.net