APA coming up to the DC

Post by Barry Hopewell

What could the future have in store for APA?

Does its foundation chart tell us anything?

Formation of API-UK by Richard Llewellyn and Pam Tyler 8th June 1983, 12:30, Knightsbridge, London

It is now over 35 years since the enterprise of introducing astrological psychology to the English-speaking world was embarked upon by Richard Llewellyn and Pamela Tyler in a Knightsbridge pub. Those years are documented in various places, including a feature in the current issue 69 of our magazine Conjunction. But what of the future, now that the last students of our formal courses will complete by end 2019?

A clue is in the position of the age point. In June 2019 it will pass over the DC, and in November it will be Square the Sun. Interestingly, there is nothing else going on in terms of planetary conjunctions or oppositions – this challenging square questioning identity and will is the only game in town!

To me, in a sense this says that APA’s mission is completed, in that astrological psychology is now well understood in the English speaking world and a comprehensive set of books is available documenting it. Although the formal teaching process has ended the information is now available to all, out in the world.

Does that mean that APA itself should end? Not necessarily, as it also provides valuable resources to those interested in astrological psychology across the world. The membership association has website, blog, magazine Conjunction, bookshop, tutors and consultants, all available to facilitate new people coming into this fascinating field of study and self development.

Whether APA ends at any point in time is up to the APA members. It needs enough of you to help to manage and keep ongoing these wonderful resources, taking up where the older stalwarts need to move on.

Over the coming months the APA trustees will be consulting you on how we might take this venture forward to its next stage.