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Spanish Introduction

Sue Lewis reviews a new introduction to astrological psychology, in Spanish, by Rosa Sole Gubianes who founded the Spanish Huber School. Psicología Astrológica: Bases prácticas del método Huber Rosa Solé Gubianes  (Barcelona: Sincronía, 2014) This thorough manual of the practical basics of the Huber method of astrological psychology totals nearly 400 pages. It honours the

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In Memory of Bruno Huber 1930 – 1999

This brief appreciation, by psychoanalyst and API tutor Wolfhard König, recently appeared in the German-language magazine AstroLog October/November 2014. It has been translated by Heather Ross. The picture shows Bruno on his last visit to England in 1998, together with Wolfhard at a seminar he gave in Wales in 2001. Fifteen years have now passed

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Falling Upward

A spirituality for the two halves of life Review of a book by Richard Rohr, Franciscan priest, New Mexico Review by Barry Hopewell This little book encapsulates the wisdom of modern psychology and the essence of most religions. Essentially we spend the first half of life creating the psychological ego and learning to live within

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Joyce’s Blog – An Astrological Resource

Astrological Resources – a click away More than 200 articles covering a wealth of features and techniques used in astrological psychology await you, and they are but a click away. I have been writing my blog – Joyce Hopewell Astrological Psychology – since 2006. It features numerous chart interpretations, all of them giving examples of

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Using the APA Blog

Like myself, many APA members or visitors to the site may not be familiar with the ways in which you can use a blog. Finding new Posts Simplest, you can just visit the APA website www.astrologicalpsychology.org from time to time and see if there are new entries on the blog. We will also sometimes email

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In the depth of winter…

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer”. This quotation by Albert Camus, the Nobel Prize winner, author, journalist and philosopher was not written with any reference to Astrological Psychology but brings to mind the psychological processes involved in the passage of the Age Point through the

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Conjunction 62, November 2014

The November 2014 issue of our newsletter/magazine Conjunction is now available to members. It includes the following content. News and Comment In the publically visible part of Conjunction, available here, APA principal Joyce Hopewell considers the significance of the planet Pluto and relates this to a recent visit to Jodrell Bank in Cheshire. News items

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New APA Website

Welcome to the new APA Website. Why have we changed it? Well the old site was becoming out of date and difficult to manage, and everything had to be done by our webmaster Jane. This new site is produced under the modern WordPress platform, and enables people other than Jane to make changes. We’ve tried

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What is Astrological Psychology?

This article was written by Bruno Huber for inclusion in his ‘Astrological Glossary’ and was translated from the German by Agnes Shellens. Astrological Psychology is a branch of psychology which uses Astrology as a diagnostic tool. It is primarily based on the insights of depth psychology, but also on humanistic and transpersonal psychology. In concept

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Cats are solar, dogs are lunar

Cats, dogs and astrology. How do they go together? Cats – if you own one, you’ll know about this – are not biddable. They come when you call only when they want to and not before. They are independent, sometimes aloof, and are definitely their “own person”. They call the shots. Their sense of self

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The High and Mighties in a Face-off

The title of this very first post on our spanking new blog could refer to Uranus and Pluto, who edged into yet another exact square aspect on 21st April as they continue to reflect the the revolutionary changes taking place in the world. Alternatively, and possibly appropriately, this could also refer to the stand-off between

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