A Case of Anger

Post by Morris Bodnar

This post was submitted by Morris Bodnar, related to consultation with a female with anger issues. Readers should be aware that the approach used is not ‘pure Huber’, as it includes use of some ‘minor planets’, but it does use major features of the Huber approach. The submitted text has been edited somewhat. The featured image shows the subject’s natal chart.

The case involves a female who wanted to understand or make conscious her rage outbursts in public contact.


Morris explains that an Irritation Triangle is formed in a natal chart when 3 planets form sides comprising 1 opposition, 1 quincunx, and 1 semisextile. Normally the Hubers use 3 planets but he has substituted 1 asteroid, for 1 of the 3 planets. This asteroid is Siwa which connotes anger. Notice that the client’s Irritation Triangle thus formed has 2 green and 1 red aspect or sides. Joyce Hopewell in her book Aspect Patterns in Colour says of the Irritation Triangle… “red an green aspects make a person touchy, tetchy, sensitive figures with a surfeit of nervous energy.” In our example, this female’s Irritation triangle has been activated by transiting Pluto and transiting Siwa(rage) causing her to explode at the Lab technician with a temper tantrum.

While the female subject was at the x-ray lab, an Irritation Triangle was forming by transiting planets to her natal chart… see the biwheel below for 1 pm, January 20, 2018, for the encounter with the raging technician.

The x-ray technician, Pluto, by her outrage, triggers the subject’s IRRITATION TRIANGLE, made up of Moon-Mars-Siwa(rage), a volatile mixture if ever activated… and it was.

Her AGE POINT is currently conjunct natal Pluto, explaining her continuous contact with Pluto types.   Her SEQUENCE OF BEHAVIOR for any event always ends with MOON, then restarts with MARS (see illustration at end of post).   And this volatile combination joins with SIWA(rage) in her IRRITATION TRIANGLE… explaining her behavior with the lab technician.

Morris hopes that his consultation will help to raises her conscious awareness in future interactions, and stresses that, of course, this pattern is ‘not her fault’.

Her HUBER AGE POINT chart below shows this current IRRITATION TRIANGLE.


The following chart shows her SEQUENCE OF BEHAVIOR in any interaction.