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12 Top Tips for Budding Astrologers Joyce Hopewell

  • Joyce Hopewell presents some key tips on getting into chart interpretation, previously published on her astrological blog.
  • APA
  • 27 pages

Chart Calculations Richard Llewellyn

  • The APA courses were first devised before the days of computers. This 'calculations module', originally written by Richard Llewellyn, teaches the student how to perform the calculations to create a birth chart. Drawing up your own birth charts can give a more profound understanding of the content. The material is in its original form, but with historic contact details removed.
  • APA

Bruno's History of Astrology Bruno Huber

  • Three articles by Bruno Huber bring to life the history and origins of astrology, originally written for his never-completed Astro-Glossarium. First published in the German language magazine AstroLog, and available to APA members since 2007.
  • APA

The Development of Astrological Psychology Bruno & Louise Huber

  • Bruno and Louise Huber give their individual perspectives on their formative years and influences in the development of astrological psychology and the founding of the Astrological Psychology Institute in Zürich.
  • APA
  • 20 pages

Foundation Astrology Ed. Barry Hopewell

  • This self study course provides an introduction to astrology and to its application in a psychological context using the approach pioneered by Bruno & Louise Huber. If you are new to astrology or astrological psychology, this provides a good grounding before moving on to the book 'Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method'. There are 8 units and at the end of each unit an exercise helps consolidate your understanding. You may find it helpful to study alongside an experienced tutor who will help your learning process (see list of tutors offering such services on this website).
  • APA


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